Passive Income: How to become a successful Online Entrepreneur: Money Mindset (Volume 1)

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Passive Income Stream Series – Money Mindset!

If you thinking about Financial freedom, or even just to make some extra profit Online, you are at the right place to begin.

This book will cover mainly the money mindset that required in order to be truly successful as an Online Entrepreneur, moving on to Goal setting by believing in yourself.

Than will take a look at market trends, and how to analyse those by choosing the right tools, and finally understanding the rules of Investing, and how to start taking action.
Chapters will cover as below: 
  • Chapter 1 – Money Mindset: Following the Footsteps of Successful People 
  • Chapter 2 – Money Mindset: Believe You Can Fly 
  • Chapter 3 – Money Mindset: The Best Investment is you 
  • Chapter 4 – Decision Making: Setting Goals like a Boss
  • Chapter 5 – Decision Making: Choose Already Established Training
  • Chapter 6 – Research: Understanding Market trends, and leveraging them on Right Platforms 
  • Chapter 7 – Research: Find a Market that You Are Passionate About 
  • Chapter 8 – Application: Apply Your Knowledge and TAKE ACTION! 
  • Chapter 9 – Application: Do Not Give Up 
  • Chapter 10 – Application: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

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