Options Trading: Beginners Guide to Making Money Fast


Perhaps you’ve heard of options trading before but have been hesitant to get started because it seemed complicated. I understand the sentiment, but the market for options only appears more complicated than it truly is. There is a desire by the Wall Street elites to complicate simple strategies that nearly every trader can invoke. I will teach you the fundamentals of options trading using everyday language. I will illustrate complex ideas with simple examples that will make once indecipherable ideas easy to understand. By the time you are done reading this book, you will have a strong foundation of all the things you need to know about the options market, as well as know several strategies to get you started.

I began trading options some seven years ago. My background is someone who was skeptical about financial trading. I thought it was only for people with large investment funds and educational backgrounds in finance. It became my hobby to learn about financial markets, and for years I never thought about investing for myself. One day I decided to take a risk; I tried a strategy that I had learned about years earlier, and to my surprise I made a nice little profit of a few hundred dollars. I was shocked at how a novice trader like me could earn such a profit using a simple strategy. It then occurred to me that many of the resources available for learning how to trade options are purposefully complicated and obtuse. I traded for several years after internalizing the concepts that took me several years longer to fully learn. I come to you now with the knowledge to explain these complicated ideas in a way that anyone can understand. You too can make steady income through the use of options. Start reading today and soon you will be earning steady profit, understanding the mechanics of options, and internalizing the strategies that thousands of traders use every year.

In This Book You Will Find:

  • An explanation of options designed for the beginner investor. Even if you have no experience in financial markets, you will be able to explain options to your friends like a lifetime trader.
  • Tips and advice for exactly how to get started: what brokers to use, how large your investment fund should be, and how much you should spend on each and every trade.
  • Simple explanations of strategies, organized intelligently, and outlined for someone just getting started with options.
  • A manual for how to get started, written by someone who has taken years to master the material and make a great income from trading.


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