FOREXING: How to Make Money with Forex Even If You Don’t Trade


If you’re looking to know how to make money online this book is for you. It contains a unique perspective on the forex market that interests both traders and non-traders. You will learn how you can make money trading the forex. You will also learn how to use network marketing to leverage the forex market earning power even if you yourself don’t trade.

In a nutshell, the book includes:

  • The Forex Quick Start Guide: learn all you really need to know to get started in Forex in a (very) short time.
  • Three Trading Strategies: ready to use, cleary spelled out for you.
  • Dealing with Brokers: know how to make your broker give you a cut of his profits.
  • Networking Marketing Basics: not knowing this stuff can cost you money.
  • Three Ways to Earn With Forex: forex offers you multiple streams of income, why limit yourself to just one?

If you are or hope to become a forex trader this book will show you how to boost your profits. If you don’t trade this book will show you how you can still make a very good passive income in the forex market.

Readers can freely download an expert advisor indicator by going to

Author Curtis Kray has been active in the field of investment and trading for more than thirty five years. A pioneer cybernaut, he is someone that truly knows and understands online money making. He is now semi-retired and decided to share some of his vast knowledge outside the restricted circle of his private consulting clients.

See what people are saying:

This book shows several great ways to making profits with Forex. It is a clear and engaging reading, I recommend it to anyone.
~M. Meriwether

I received an advanced copy of the book and I can say it is a true game changer! Get it now to understand how to profit from forex without even trading yourself!
~Christian Richter

I’ve found this book quite informative for someone looking for basic information on the Forex market. It gives good and valuable information.
~Giovanni Rossi

Great book for anyone interested either in online marketing and/or trading.

I absolutely loved this book! It gives a foundation to anybody who wants to make money with Forex.
~Olle K.

This book can truly help you achieve financial success. Get it now!


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