How to Write Descriptions that Sell Used Books on Amazon: Easy Ways to Make More Money Selling Used Books on Amazon with Simple Copywriting Templates (Sell Books Fast Online Book 1)

Did you know writing great descriptions of your used books can help them sell faster and for higher prices on Amazon?


Many Amazon sellers don’t realize this. Most just copy and paste the same vague description on all their used book listings – or don’t describe their books at all. Yet by passing up the chance to spotlight key features of their books, they’re ignoring one of the easiest ways to make more money selling used books on Amazon.


By writing a great book description, you can:


  • Tell customers exactly what they want to know about your book

  • Highlight special features about your book and online bookstore

  • Make your used book’s flaws appear attractive to the right buyer

  • Attract customers who will pay higher prices for your books


Best of all, writing descriptions that sell used books can be quick and easyif you have the copywriting templates and step-by-step instructions in this eBook. Using proven techniques, I’ll show you how to tailor a basic description into an eye-catching piece of copy that will attract customers, boost your sales, and make you more money online!

As an added bonus, I’ll reveal how writing great book descriptions can encourage customers to give you better feedback and more positive reviews – which will only make your online bookstore more popular in the Amazon Marketplace!


Whether you’re a college student reselling your textbooks or a book collector entering the online bookselling market, you need this book! Scroll to the top of this page, click the “BUY NOW” button and start selling more used books online today!

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