How to Make Money from Home: 7 Steps to Earn Money from Baking Recipes (Volume 1)


Have you often been told that you have a flair for baking? Are you regularly praised for your rich, creamy cheesecake, complimented on your luscious lemon bars and exalted for your perfectly chewy, moist chocolate chip cookies? If so, then is time to monetize your passion and talent. This eBook is one that you definitely need to pick up! It will provide you with all the information you need to start baking yourself to a steady income. Whether you are just looking for some extra cash or want to ditch your job and work for yourself, baked goods could be your saving grace! This book will guide you through 7 easy to follow steps to opening your own successful baking business including: • Knowing your local regulations • Understanding your insurance needs • Finding your customers • Making your baking recipes your own • Finding the right packaging and presentation • Marketing and promoting your baking business In each chapter, you will find tried and true baking advice from people who have experience in starting their own successful business ventures at home. Each concept is broken down into easy-to-implement ideas, you will find the information in this book invaluable, avoiding the common pitfalls and costly mistakes. So stop hesitating. It’s time to have your cake and sell it too. Download this eBook today!


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