How to Get FREE Products to Test and Keep: Learn how to get major brands to mail you free items!

Testing products. Yes, it’s a thing. And yes, just about anyone can do this!

Do you get paid? Not usually. Most of the time your free product is considered your compensation. However, this can be an incredibly fun hobby if you’re someone who enjoys getting free stuff in the mail and trying out new products.

I’ve been doing product testing off and on for almost ten years, and in this eBook, I share you with the why, what, how, and where of everything regarding it.

You’ll learn …

Why brands and companies desperately need you to check out their stuff.
How to get yourself set up to be a product tester.
Where to go to sign up and start testing products.
Where to find free samples online.
How to actually get paid to test and review products if you have your own blog.
… and more!

This eBook is new for 2016. I will do my best to keep this updated so the info stays current for you.


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