How to Become a Reviewer, For Money: Make Money Online, Fast Start Today, Earn Tomorrow

Writing Reviews is Big Business.

This book will show you how to get started as a reviewer and where to find work without further investment

Hundreds of thousands of employers, developers, authors and small business owners hire thousands of reviewers each week. It’s one of the best ways to make money online, fast. Product and software reviews are big business and play an important part in e-commerce. This book will show you how to write professional reviews, how to work around existing reviews, how to avoid review entrapment, and how and where to find review clients, without paying a fee.

Becoming a book reviewer is an excellent part-time gig which can result in a part-time to full-time monthly income. How much you earn is up to you.

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Some major sites do not allow paid reviews, and this is understandable. Reviewers are often times “gifted” a copy of a book or the product to review from sites which do not allow paid reviews. There are thousands of sites which do not have such a policy. Regardless if paying for a review is morally correct, or not, little happens on the Internet, without word of mouth, reviews and aggressive ad campaigns.

There will always be a need for intelligent, fair, and professional reviewers, especially when there are reviews, systematically written to hurt product owners, software developers and authors. As a reviewer you want your reviews to be as honest as possible. People who read your review, and purchased a product or book, often times, rely upon the reviews. If they found your review to be misleading this could jeopardize your review career. On some of the major sites, your review is voted on by customers. This book will show you how to help your clients present their best work, so that your review is positive and correct.

The book also touches upon the dark-side of reviews and explains how new and professional reviewers avoid the “gang mentality.” Being all that you can be, takes understanding the forces at work and the tactics used by some. This book explains in easy to understand language how to be the best reviewer that you can be, while earning free products, gifts and money, while working from home, online.


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