Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items: How to Make a Great Second Income by Selling Used Items from Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, and Flea Markets (Almost Free Money)


Have you been searching for a way to make some extra cash… a FUN way to start a second income, regardless of economic conditions? Are you a time-strapped senior, or a home-bound mother looking for a fun income source to pay for groceries or your family’s vacation? The Fast Cash system is just what you have been looking for. It is a proven system that consistently earns excellent money for anybody, in any location. The author has developed the system over through twelve years of research and application. Fast Cash complements the system described in the successful Almost Free Money series, and expands it into many new and exciting niches for readers to explore. Fast Cash can be tailored to the reader’s situation, providing a little cash for busy people, or a new home business for entrepreneurs. In Fast Cash, readers learn proven techniques for locating high-yielding used items at venues that can be found anywhere in the world, including garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. This 15,000 word document by the webmaster of teaches readers many tools that are vital to ensuring success over long-term application of the system. Instruction is provided in: Finding the highest-yielding used items to sell, Where to sell used items for the highest profits, Diversifying sales across multiple internet sites, How to Research New Items to Sell, How to Increase Profits with eBay and Amazon Listings, How to Find the Best Garage Sales to Pick from, How to Process a Garage Sale or Thrift Store to Find the Best Treasure, How to Bargain at Garage Sales, How to Get Great Stuff For FREE, and the authors Personal Stories of Garage Sale Gold and Internet Selling. Fast Cash pulls no punches. Readers are told exactly how to succeed and why others that have tried to make money in this niche have failed. It provides the encouragement and motivation necessary to read the book and take the next step –which is to GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE, AND START RAKING CASH!! Good Luck and Happy Hunting from Eric Michael!


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