How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon:That Makes Over $100 a Day

I’m about to show you how.

The book was released under a brand new pen name (as part of my authority site project). We did all of this with essentially no audience, no email list, and no prior experience selling books as a self-published author on Amazon.

No joke.

What you are about to read are the step by step details of how we self-published a book on the Amazon Kindle store and how it has gone on to get 5,895 free downloads in the first 5 days and is now selling extremely well at $2.99.
I launched my book from scratch, the same point that any of you out there would start from. If you DO have an existing audience, I’ll share how you can take advantage of that.

The best part about this business is that you can literally have something up and selling on the Amazon Kindle store in a relatively short period of time.

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