How to be a copywriter and earn money from home

For a number of years I have earned my living – a very good living – working from home as a freelance copywriter. In this book I share all my secrets with you.

Unlike so many books on the subject, it’s not a jumped-up list of ‘useful phrases’. It won’t tell you ‘how to make a million dollars overnight’. Instead it is a unique, detailed step-by-step guide to becoming a successful copywriter from scratch. You don’t even need a Kindle to use it. In fact your PC or Mac are ideal because I give you so many valuable links – including all the software tools I use to boost my own productivity.

Follow each step and you can make between £300 ($450) a day and – with more experience – £500 ($750) a day. Not exactly a get rich quick formula, but a very respectable income. Especially for someone who is their own boss, has few overheads, doesn’t have to commute to work, and chooses exactly how much or how little work they want to take on. Because my website has been live for some time now, I get more than I need and have to turn work away.

Is it possible? Sure. That’s exactly what I do, and in this book I will show you – in detail – everything you need to know. Things like:
• How to begin from scratch and quickly build a portfolio
• How to find clients – fast
• How to market yourself
• How to build a copywriter website in just five days – for free
• How to find the most profitable projects and drop the rest
• How much to charge

In fact, I will even share my killer ‘terms and conditions’ that enable me to close more business at higher prices. I will:

• Introduce you to the jargon – no getting caught out as a beginner
• Show how to walk your clients through a brief, how to research topics, how to write for print and how to write for the web
• We will look at different writing styles (or ‘tone of voice’ as the marketing people call it).
• I will teach you questioning techniques for telephone interviews (I do all my work over the net and by phone) and show you some clever, low cost phone recording kit and transcription software so that you won’t even have to take notes
• Plus lots of tricks of the trade that save valuable time and mark you out as a real pro

And what’s more, I will give you stacks of links to real samples of different types of copy, templates, tick lists and so on, plus more detailed descriptions of some of the topics covered in this book (build your own free library). In fact, everything you need to get you started with confidence.

Perhaps the most valuable chapter is dedicated to building your own successful copywriter’s website. Check me out. Do a Google search for ‘brochure copywriter’ and see which site comes top worldwide. Try ‘IT copywriter’, ‘White Paper copywriter’ and so on. In this book I show you exactly how I did it.
I call my business Copywriting-On-Demand, and that’s exactly what I do. If anyone wants a brochure, a script, a management discussion paper, a press release, newsletter or web copy, they find my website and almost always make a decision within a couple of days. No salesmanship on my part.
What is it like to be a freelance copywriter?
If you like writing, it’s wonderful. It’s nothing like ‘Creative’ writing – novels, poetry and so on – but each assignment brings its own challenge and you do get published! It’s incredibly varied. You have to be ready to write in any number of different styles. And you will often have challenging deadlines – most clients want copy yesterday. There are times when it is boring, but then another project comes along. Unlike a copywriter employed by an agency, if you don’t like the look of a project, you can always say ‘no’. You’re the boss!
So now it’s decision time. For the cost of a bottle of supermarket wine you could transform your life. There’s an investment. Buy now and within minutes ‘How to be a copywriter – and earn money from home’ could be yours.
Do it.


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