eBay Selling Made Easy Box Set (6 in 1): Learn The Tricks To Making Money Online Fast Buying At Thrift Stores (Make Money Online, Work From Home, eBay Mastery)

Book 1: Reseller Secrets To Dominating A Thrift Store Revealed: 40 Creative Ways To Use All Of The Sections In A Thrift Store To Make Huge Money Selling On eBay And Amazon

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Buy and Sell Clothing From a Thrift Store
  • How to Make Money Buying Shoes at Thrift Stores
  • How to Make Money With Home D├ęcor From a Thrift Store
  • How to Make Money Selling Arts and Crafts Items From a Thrift Store
  • How to Buy Small Appliances at Thrift Stores and Make Money
  • Other Items You Can Profit From in a Thrift Store
  • A Few Final Tips on Selling
  • Much, much more!

Book 2: Turning Thrift Store Oddities And Rarities Into Cool Cash: 50 Off The Wall Items You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon For Huge Profit

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • Strange Finds You Can Profit From
  • More Super Strange Items That Bring in Big Money!
  • All Things Old and Off the Wall Treasures
  • Oddities and Wacky Items That Sell Great
  • How to Think Outside the Collectible Box
  • A Few More Oddities to Look for!
  • Even More Unique Finds That You Can Cash in on
  • Much, much more!

Book 3: Turning Thrift Store Electronics And Gadgets Into Cash Magic: 50 Different Electronics And Gadgets You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon For Huge Profit

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside This Book…

  • Why Should I Use Amazon and eBay?
  • Best Selling Electronic Items on eBay and Amazon
  • How to Find These Items Wherever You Are!
  • Gadgets that Sell Well on eBay and Amazon
  • Knowing How to Price Your Items
  • How to Buy These Items in Thrift Stores
  • The Secrets to Turning Your Finds into Profits
  • Much, much more!

Book 4: Turning Thrift Store Vintage Toys Into Stacks of Cash: 50 Vintage And Collectible Toys You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon For Huge Profit

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Dolls and Other Girls’ Toys that Sell Great
  • Flashback to Your Childhood and Make Money!
  • Boys’ Toys and Other Fun Items that Sell
  • Games and Puzzles to Look Out for!
  • Other Toys that Can be Worth Money
  • The Trick to Knowing Whether or Not to Buy
  • Knowing Exactly What to Look for
  • Much, much more!

Book 5: Thrifting And Winning: 50 Ways To Make Money Buying Items At Thrift Stores And Selling Them For Huge Profits

Inside You Will Learn…

  • Why Thrift Stores are a World of Possibility
  • What to Look for in Thrift Stores that is Worth Money
  • How to Search Online Websites to See What is in Demand
  • Finding Websites and Other Venues to Sell Your Goods on
  • Learning How to Ask the Appropriate Price
  • How to Know When You’re Being Taken Advantage of
  • Keeping Up to Date on Items that Sell for Big Money
  • Much, much more!

Book 6: DIY Projects: Selling Creative DIY Projects Online: 40 Easy DIY Projects That Can Be Done Quickly And Sold Online For Huge Profits

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What DIY Projects are People Looking for?
  • Easy Decorative DIY Pieces
  • DIY Soaps and Candles that Sell for Big Money
  • The Trick to DIY Furniture Refurbishing
  • DIY Apparel, Jewelry, and Accessories
  • Where to Sell Your Do it Yourself Items
  • Finding Items to Make that Will Sell
  • Much, much more!


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