Curb Painting for Spare Income – How to Guide – Make Side Cash by Painting Curb Numbers: Little Books of Extra Cash – Entrepreneur Success Series

“I always think that if you read a book and come away with one or more good ideas, you have received your money’s worth. I’ve gained a couple of different helpful ideas from reading this book. In my opinion, it’s worth the purchase!”
– Lisa, Amazon Reviewer (previous edition)

Need some extra cash?

Curb painting is an easy way to make some extra side income–either as a supplement to your normal income, a little extra to help pay the bills, or even as a full-time job! You are in full control, and can go out TODAY, with a minimal amount of cheap equipment, to make some money immediately.

Learn this simple skill as a side business that you can always use to help make your monthly expenses, tide you over between jobs, save extra money, experiment with ground-level entrepreneurship (as an adult or a teenager!), or just make some extra cash! In this guide, you’ll learn about the business of curb painting, the equipment you’ll need, details about organizing your business, scripts and advice for dealing with customers, instructions for painting the curb, and much more.

The “Little Books of Extra Cash” Series reflects the author’s experiences developing an entrepreneurial mindset during the beginning of the latest American recession, when work was hard to come by and he had to apply himself creatively to survive. All of these “Little Books of Extra Cash” will show you ways to make side money ‘off the grid’, deal in CASH, and be limited only by your own ambition.

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