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✶✶✶ How To Increase Sales, Traffic, Subscription Using Words-Hooks? ✶✶✶

••• Nobody reads everything he sees… People save their time… So if you want to catch their eyes you need to do it QUICKLY… But how?

It’s not a difficult task… All you need is to use in your heading words which switch on the EMOTIONS…

Let’s imagine that you sell the program for traffic increase… So you mustn’t write like this:

«Increase your traffic with this program!»

It would be better if you write:

«The approved soft to increase the traffic! — Guaranteed!»

The difference is not so dramatic… But it’s not the case… The second title contains the statement about the approval and guaranty, which are not presented in the first one. It neutralizes distrust of the client and relaxes him, informing him, that somebody has already tried the program and remained very satisfied with it.

Plus it promises guaranty of course…

People are cautious and distrustful… They are controlled by special mental programs which tell them: «Don’t believe!», «Ask for approval!», «Watch out not to be stiffed!» That’s what you use!

Ok… You attracted the attention… But how to keep it and get your order?

The same way! Use another two emotional words exploiting the feelings and the client is YOURS! Let him understand with all of his soul what a wonderful product or service you have and how many benefits it can bring…

It does not mean that you must write a soulful story about your product, you know… Use one or two words written in BOLDEST possible type and your client will not be able to get rid from obsessive control of his subconscious…

Only a few words separate success from defeat!

Too lazy to compose and search for these words? We did it for you!

These words are known as SPIRE—WORDS or words—magnets and they will be extremely useful for you to enthrall, charm and sell!

Words—magnets mold tedious and difficult work of texts writing into an exciting game… They mold a minter dilettante into a professional who works fast, with pleasure and guaranteed!

Do you want to increase sales, subscription and traffic not wasting hundreds of bucks on it?

Excellent! When you are – OUR MAN !


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