MONEY: Earn Money From HOME: Making Money From Home, Home – 10 Ways To Double Your Salary- 2nd Edition

Earn Money From Home: 10 Ways To Double Your Salary

******2nd Edition******

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Are you tired of going to work day in day out?
Would you like to have an extra income?
Do you want to discover new ways of working from home?
Would you like to be your own boss?
Have you tried to work from home but no clue how to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you!
This book will take you step by step, and show you how to earn money from home.

If you have ever wanted to work from home, there has never been a better time than now. Many companies encourage this as it reduces their overhead; therefore, they may hire freelance workers or a qualified person who works from home. Or, may offer a service or product that you can produce or head up from home. All of these options would allow you to leave your desk and head home. With the help of this book, you will learn all of this and more.

Earn Money From Home shows you the benefits from working from home, such as being able to work from anywhere, you can start up your business with little to no money, there is no income cap and many more. In addition, this book walks you through the steps in finding the best job for you and how to protect your business. You will also learn the common pitfalls of working from home.

With this book, you will 10 common ways to earn money from home. The jobs covered in this book are: Freelance Programmer and Website Developer, Freelance Graphic Designer, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Writing and Editorial Services, Online Tutoring, Cleaning Services, Interior Decorator, Accessories and Jewelry Making, a Bed and Breakfast and having a Daycare or Pet Sitting business.

Remember, you can start your business before quitting your day job in most cases. With the help of Earn Money From Home, you too can begin your dream of owning your own business quickly by following this easy guide.
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