Create a Website:: Create a Highly Profitable Niche Website to Earn an Awesome Passive Income Online (Business Books Book 2)

Your Financial Solution is in YOUR hands.
We show you how to create, design and MONETISE your own website. Earn a passive income from your website for years to come. Set Your Goal…Decide How Much You Want to Earn Online and go for it…NOW!
Once you have completed all of the steps in this eBook, you are going to have your own content rich niche website set up which will be persuading laser targeted visitors to click on your affiliate link, and then purchase your products.
Niche websites offer the best way to make money online.
Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn:
•Set up your Awesome WordPress Website
•Register your Domain and Hosting
•Finding you the Best Buyer Keywords – This is the Most Important Aspect!!
•Finding Targeted Buyers using the Best Buyer Keywords
• Find out why you should write focused content for your Website
•and YES…How to Make Money (write down an amount, and GO for IT)
•and much, much more!
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