Emergency Cash Generators: Ingenious Ways to Make Money Both Online and Offline


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– Found Money

– The Online Arbitrage

At one time or another everyone has found themselves strapped for cash. Maybe it’s an unexpected car repair or your air conditioner has stopped working in the middle of the hot summer. Or maybe you need some extra cash to start a home based business. Whatever the reason, everybody needs what I call a Quick Cash Backup Plan: A way to raise some cash quickly in case of an emergency.

In this publication you are going to find many ways people are using to generate cash quickly. Some people have even turned these little money makers into full or part-time businesses. Some use them as “patchwork” ventures — ways to fill the gaps in their income when their bills exceed their wages. Still others only apply these methods when they need to. They keep them locked away like precious jewels until they are needed to generate some extra cash.

Not all the tactics and techniques in this publication will be immediately applicable to you. But, I’ve included enough ideas that you should be able to put many of these tactics into action immediately. Print out this manual, read it, then go back through and put a star beside the tactics you can use immediately. Then put a check mark beside the tactics you can put into action later. Then start taking action!

You will find that many of these techniques require little or no start up cash. However, even if some of them do require startup capital you will be shown how to raise that capital quickly using other techniques in this same publication.

Very little in the way of special skills are required. If any are required you will be shown what to do.

That’s being said, let’s get started making some money.


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